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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Hello, I am ABluSkittle, Also known as James.

I am a developing artist from England who always wants to improve and get better. I try and do more ambitious stuff and try new things all the time.

Check out my Networks for works in progress, updates and other things related to my stuff or me:



As some people may know, I am not very good at livestreaming, mostly because I get nervous when people watch me and that usually stops me from being able to draw well or do anything well. So I decided I should try to draw more and to conquer my stage fright. So, if you want to watch me doodle badly and try to improve, then come to my stream! I may even do quick sketch requests for the viewers. I will also stream games like Gmod TTT, Prop Hunt, TF2, and other games for those who like to watch gaming streams, and you can even join in on the public games.

My livestream can be found here:

Testing out Picarto again too for streams where I only do art, So follow me there if you want to:…

If you don't already, I recommend using a Chrome extension called Twitch Now:

Alternatively there is a Firefox addon which does the same thing (but the chrome extension is better at it):

Both of the add-ons will notify you when someone you follow starts streaming. So if you want to catch every stream, even the non-announced streams, use this add-on, although there are other similar add-ons. 

Announcements for my streams will be on my Twitter  and Tumblr  (if I do announce them). I may also use a poll or journal to notify you on deviant art, seeming as deviant art is rather awkward for notifying people about things quickly.


I am close to finishing and starting a lot of things so I will be starting up commissions soon once I get the rates set up and the page ready. So let me know in the comments below if you might be interested in commissioning me for art or designs, etc. (Typically pony related although I can do other things too).

If you are interested in commissioning me, Send me a note with what you would want and I will estimate how much it will cost.

Here are a few examples of what you can commission from me (More info about commissions to come in a dedicated journal post):

Pony stuff: These examples are roughly $100 - $150 with detailed backgrounds
Luna's Lake by ABluSkittleThe Fear of Flight by ABluSkittle

Equestrian Inspiration by ABluSkittle
Changeling Hive [Time-lapse Update] by ABluSkittle

Environment/scenery/Fantasy/Sci-fi stuff: These examples are roughly $100 - $150
The Fremden by ABluSkittlePond life by ABluSkittleRainbow Factory Hallway Concept by ABluSkittleDragon Fire by ABluSkittle
Sunset Phoenix by ABluSkittle

I can do abstract stuff as well, cost of these ones may vary from $30 - $150 depending on detail and complexity:
Mirrors by ABluSkittleDesinenza by ABluSkittle

From All Sides Cover Art Finished by ABluSkittleMirrors by ABluSkittle

I can also do cheaper commissions with simple abstract backgrounds or without backgrounds and just character drawings, in painted styles or cell shaded styles, etc, like the following examples (Roughly $60-$80 for these detailed ones:
Tei The Pony - Connected To Equestria by ABluSkittleJackTHerbert (OC) by ABluSkittlePegasus Device by ABluSkittle

Roughly $30~ for ones like the following 3:

Dragla + Flarealicious (Gift) by ABluSkittleMacarou Pony (Commission) by ABluSkittleSpeedcoreDave! (Commission) by ABluSkittleMecha S (OC Portrait) by ABluSkittle

If anyone is interested, in either the live-streams and/or commissions, leave a comment below. It helps me to know what you all think.


Do people ever use or read these status update things?
Its like they merged dA, Twitter with Tumblr. Its Deviantwitteblr.
How many people are checking this watch feed regularly and would it be worth using to notify about art livestreams when I do them?
It appears that the Activity feed is finally out of closed beta?

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